Toward a Design of an Instrument for the Selection of Leadership in the Management Levels

Ricardo Tejeida Padilla, Martha Avila, Oswaldo Morales, Luis Hernandez


The competitive world in which we live, demands to have competitive organizations that adapt to the rhythm of the changes in both, national and international levels. Due to it, is required to have highly prepared leaders mainly in the directive and managerial levels, because they are the ones who should head the administrative processes of the company. Largely, the success of organizations depends on having directive elements with leadership abilities.

Therefore the management function of human resources, by means of the personal selection process, should choose the suitable candidates, to occupy executive positions.

Considering there are scarce tests validated for our population in México, it is identified the necessity of designing a test to measure the main features that an executive should have in relation to the requirements of the position to be filled.


instrument, leadership, psychometric methods, human resources, organizations.

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