Group Decision Analysis (GDA)-- A Framework of Structural Rational Group Discussion --

Norimasa Kobayashi, Kyoichi Kijima


We propose a simple formal framework to represent the structure of rational discussion, which we call Group Decision Analysis (GDA). GDA is a formalization of an integrative (win-win) negotiation (Raiffa, H. (2002) "Negotiation Analysis") that prescribes members of a group to discuss effectively.

Based on GDA model, we illustrate the essential roles of a group discussion. Particularly, we argue that group objectives must be clarified at first in order to achieve an effective group discussion, which implies that a group discussion requires commitment of the members to some sort of group cooperation. We show a simple case in which there exist members that do not like to have a discussion.


decision analysis, discussion, group decision, negotiation, voting

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