Foundation of Subjective Confrontation Analysis

Pri Hermawan, Kyoichi Kijima


The purpose of the paper is to introduce a foundation of subjective confrontation analysis of negotiation. Negotiation is something that we do every time and happens in every aspect of our life. The fact that in negotiation process each side can have different aims and interests often give some potential for conflict.

As a foundation of subjective confrontation analysis of negotiation, we first identify negotiation as reciprocal proposals of positions and threats by two characters who are involved and share a common frame on which they negotiate. Inconsistency between the proposed positions may lead them to face dilemmas to be resolved in order to achieve agreement. Next, we formally define three types of dilemmas that might arise in such negotiation in terms of dramatic model. Then, after proposing a new theoretical framework to resolve one of those dilemmas, we will apply the concepts of dramatic model for analyzing the conflicts that arise in a river pollution case in Indonesia. Finally, we will discuss its findings and ideas for further research.


confrontation analysis; subjective frame; negotiation; dramatic model

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