Theory of Systems and Information Systems Research Frameworks

Manuel Mora


Information Systems (IS) discipline has been critiqued for being a fragmented discipline, and with little accumulative tradition. Consequently, several research frameworks have been proposed since the 1970s (Mason and Mitroff 1973; Ives, Hamilton and Davis 1980; Nolan and Wheterbe, 1980; Alter 2003) to help to organize, define and delimit such objects of study. However, despite the benefits reported to guide IS research to focus on the adequate objects of study, a formal systemic analysis of them reveals that these frameworks are still incomplete and have systemic inconsistencies. Then, this paper, based in the premise of the development of a more updated and comprehensive framework is required, reports a new one. Its completeness regarding previous frameworks is discussed as well as its potential utilization.


Keywords: Theory of Systems, IS Research Frameworks, Cybernetics Approach.

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