Mindful Knowing

Kay Fielden


In this paper the concept of mindfulness is explored as a construct that enables complexity, democracy and sustainability to be embraced in a ‘natural’ rather than a ‘learned’ manner In adapting Prensky's (2001) metaphor of ‘digital native’ and digital immigrant’, we have the opportunity to become ‘mindful natives’ rather than ‘mindful immigrants’.

First, mindfulness (Fielden, 2005) is defined to encapsulate knowing intellectually, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually. Mindfulness in its interconnectedness is then defined and explored. Next, mindfulness as a necessary precondition for understanding and working within the complex systems that exist in organizations is discussed. A plan for incorporating mindful practices within organizational change that are both systemic and sustainable is described. Finally, mindfulness in its interconnectedness for a global and sustainable future is explored.


mindfulness, organizational change, complex systems, sustainability, spirituality

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