Proceedings of the 50th Annual Meeting of the ISSS - 2006, Sonoma, CA, USA

Sonoma State University, Rohnert Park, California, USA -- July 9th - 14th 2006

ISSN: 1999-6918

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ISSS 2006 Papers

Table of Contents

Agent-Based Social Systems Science

Is Good Algorithm for Computer Players also Good for Human Players? PDF
Naoki Konno, Kyoichi Kijima
Foundation of Subjective Confrontation Analysis PDF
Pri Hermawan, Kyoichi Kijima
SimDrug: Exploring the Complexity of Illicit Drug Markets. PDF
pascal perez
Group Decision Analysis (GDA)-- A Framework of Structural Rational Group Discussion -- PDF XHTML
Norimasa Kobayashi, Kyoichi Kijima

Applied Systems

A new idea on enterprise development strategy research based on systemic metaphors and its application PDF
Jianmei Yang, Zheng He
Toward a Design of an Instrument for the Selection of Leadership in the Management Levels PDF
Ricardo Tejeida Padilla, Martha Avila, Oswaldo Morales, Luis Hernandez
Isaias José Badillo

Critical Systems

Paradigm Issues in Critical Systems Thinking and Their Interpretation in Three Developmental Systemic Interventions PDF
Doncho I Petkov, Olga Petkova, Truthilal Nepal, Theo Andrew

Designing Educational Systems

Boundary Critique: A minimal concept theory of systems thinking PDF
Derek A. Cabrera
Application of a Systems Approach to Distance Education PDF
Teresa A Daniel
Navigating by the North Star: Bridging the Pedagogical Gap Between Content and Structure in Higher Education PDF
Kendall Dunnigan

Evolutionary Design

In Search of a Systemic Model of Municipal Integration for the Touristic Sustainable Development
Ricardo Tejeida, Juan Vargas, Oswaldo Morales
Natural Systems: Demonstrating the Interdependencies Between Sustainability and Democracy PDF
Dave Ewoldt
The development of the Collective Intelligence for the Sustainability: a task of democracy and complexity PDF
Honorato C. Teissier-Fuentes
The measurement of the development of systems and general thinking in agricultural areas of Colombia; preliminary results PDF
Sjors Witjes, Pablo Muñoz Specht, Carolina Montoya Rodriguez
Structural design for sustainability: Cybernetic Theory and Practice PDF
Angela Espinosa, Roger Harnden, Jon Walker
The Conscious Evolution of History: Creating an Environment for an Emergent History of North East Asia PDF
Paul R. Hays, Jacqueline Wasilewski
Watershed Restoration Groups and Democratic Forest Trusts as Evolutionary Learning Communities PDF
Gus diZerega
Managing Overwhelming Complexity In Human-Landscape Interactions PDF
Nicholas Magliocca
We're Not Dumb Enough To Survive As A Species, But Are We Smart Enough? PDF
Russell Glynn Derickson
In Search of Sacred Intelligence: Shamanic Sensibilities & the Evolution of Diversity in Business PDF
Palma Vizzoni
Fostering a Sustainable Learning Society through Knowledge Based Development PDF
Kathia Castro Laszlo, Alexander Laszlo

General Theory of Systems

True, Good and General System Theories: How to Develop and Evaluate Them PDF
Carl Slawski
Circularity of Human Knowing and System Science PDF
Antonin Rosicky
Rethinking Systems Movement PDF
Abdur Md. Rouf
Operationalizing resilience in Australian and New Zealand agroecosystems PDF
Cameron S Fletcher, Miller Craig, David W Hilbert
Qualitative Systems Thinking PDF
Anthony Malcolm Hodgson
Is Paul Weiss' and Ludwig von Bertalanffy's System Thinking still valid today? PDF
Manfred Drack, Wilfried Apfalter
The Nature of Change: A Systems Theory Approach to Causality PDF
Linda Irene GLASSOP

Global Systems

Reflexivity in Social Systems: The theories of George Soros
Stuart Umpleby
Dynamics and Development of the International System: A Complexity Science Perspective PDF
Ingo Piepers

Gregory Bateson Forum

Theory and practice of evolutionary civilization: discussion paper PDF
John Antony Broadbent
Mapping Gregory Bateson's Epistemology to Nonlinear Dynamic Systems Theory: Dynamic Form and Hierarchies of Knowledge PDF
Thomas E Malloy, Gary C. Jensen
Evolving Science & Humanity: Humanity As A Relational Ground PDF
Ayten Aydin

Hierarchy Theory

Systemic Thinking as a Gluing Material for Solving Earth’s Nature’s Problems Due to Mankind PDF
Magdalena A. Kalaidjieva
Boundaries and Conflict Between Social and Ecological Emergent Orders: A Left-Hayekian Perspective PDF
Gus diZerega
The Hard Facts of Soft Social Systems: Towards a Theoretical and Practical Model for Schools and Other Organizations PDF
Susan Farr Gabriele

Human Systems Inquiry

Participatory Knowing: A Story-Centered Approach to Human Systems PDF
Jack Petranker
Dancing With Demons: Pathogenic Problem Solving PDF
Kathleen S. Long
From Applied Narratives to Systemic Inquiry – Human system inquiry in action PDF
Louis Klein, Alexander Kiehne
Progressive Learning Processes Model – Interpretive Methodological PDF
Nancy Michail, Dr. Greg Teal, Jane Basta

Information Systems Design

Knowledge and Conceptual Information PDF
Antonin ROSICKY, Antonin Pavlicek
Information Basis for Action in Human Information Processing: Consequences for Information System Design PDF
Bertil Lind
Systems Science in the Information Society PDF
Ann Lind
The Need of Compatibility of Information Processing with the Control Structure of the Organization PDF
Roberto R Kampfner
Theory of Systems and Information Systems Research Frameworks PDF
Manuel Mora
Innovative approaches to water security: ICTs as platforms for systemic online negotiation PDF
sandrine michele simon

Living Systems Analysis

Early Social Innovations: Belief Systems  PDF
James Robert Simms
Evolutionary Processes in Living Systems PDF
Lane Tracy
The Current Relations between Two Koreas & Matter-Energy, Information Flow PDF
Youn-soo Sim
Achieving the Sustainable Development through the world PDF
hyuk kihl kwon

Medical & Health Systems

What We Can Do Locally PDF
Robert Porter (Skip) Robinson
The Biocybernetical Revolution Applying an Elementary Biocybernetic System to Medicine and Society. Subtitle “Complexity, Democracy, Sustainability”. PDF
Allan DeBavelaere
Systemic Analysis of the Tourism and Health Relationship PDF
Ricardo Tejeida, Jose Pino, Oswaldo Morales, Jaime Santos
Epilepsy as a Dynamic Complex System
Oswaldo Morales-Matamoros, Ricardo Tejeida-Padilla, Teresa Contreras-Troya

Organizational Transformation & Social Change

How to critique an Australian Community Managed Food Distribution System, Food Connect PDF
Nina Anne Stephens
From Knowledge Cybernetics to Feng Shui PDF
Maurice Isaac Yolles
Integral transformation of organizational systems PDF
Ignacio E. Peon
Contemporary agri-ecological systems and their contribution to community resilience: reconnecting people and food, and people with people PDF
Christine Anne King
Organisational Fitness: from the Viable Systems Model to Organisational Patterning PDF
Maurice Isaac Yolles
From Knowledge Cybernetics to Feng Shui Untitled PDF
Maurice Isaac Yolles
Sustainability Planning and its Role in Creating Capacity for Learning: a Complex Adaptive System Perspective PDF
Csaba Pusztai
Applying Systems to Capacity-Building in Participatory, Ecologically Informed Planning PDF
Joanne Tippett, Emma Jane Griffiths
Mexican Voter Network as a Dynamic Complex System PDF
Oswaldo Morales, Miguel Martinez, Ricardo Tejeida
The Effects of Family and Homemaking on the Career Development of Japanese RNs PDF
Kyoko Kato, Koichi Ono, Kazuyo Sekiguchi
Organizational Development, Complexity and Dynamics of Systems PDF
Miguel Patiño Ortiz, Ricardo Tejeida Padilla
Complexity and Adaptive Policy Systems: CALFED as an Emergent Form of Governance for Sustainable Managemennt of Contested Resources PDF
David Booher, Judith Innes
Organizational Development, Complexity and Dynamics of Systems
Miguel Patiño-Ortiz, Ernesto Galvez-Medina, Ricardo Tejeida-Padilla, Julian Patiño-Ortiz
A Sideways Look at Systems: Identifying Sub-Systemic Dimensions as a Technique for Avoiding a Hierarchical Perspective PDF
Steve Eugene Wallis

Systems Applications in Business & Industry

From Theory to Practice: Taking General Systems Theory from a Theoretical Concept to a Successful Business Practice PDF
Billy Dawson
Corporate Change and Traditional Chinese Medicine PDF HTML
Kuang-cheng Wang
Product design as a key to a business system perspective that promotes sustainable forestry PDF HTML
Reine Karlsson, Magnus Löf, Donald Huisingh
What do innovative leaders have in common with ancient myths? A view of the archetypal hero within the modern manager PDF HTML
Filippina Risopoulos
Which “Language” need Organizations for a better Conversational Interaction? A Systemic View on applied every day Business Language PDF
Filippina Risopoulos
Organizational Creativity as a Prerequisite for the Generation of Innovation PDF HTML
Gerald Steiner
Innovation as a Two-sided Coin with Special Consideration of Analogies PDF HTML
Gerald Steiner
Unlearning/Learning Organizations – The Role of Mindset PDF
John Pourdehnad, Bruce Warren, Maureen Wright, John Mairano
Walking the Line: Making ane Dissolving Distinctions with the Viable System Model and Team Syntegrity XHTML PDF
Allenna Leonard
Is Lean Necessarily Green? PDF HTML
Kumar Venkat, Wayne Wakeland
Obstacles to Consciousness in Corporations PDF HTML
Pamela Buckle
Counter-Intuitive Managerial Interventions in Complex Systems PDF
Kambiz Maani, Anson Li

Systems Approaches in Arts-Informed Inquiry

Evolutionary Guidance Media: An Overview PDF
Dana Klisanin
Paper: Visualization of the Organization: An Aesthetic Ecology for the City of Newark PDF
Ade Tugbiyele Sedita
Syntegral Design: group-based creativity through aesthetic processes PDF
Brian Woodward

Systems in Latin America

Youth at Risk Groups: Are they autpoietic systems? PDF
Alberto Montbrun
Toward the Design of an Audiovisual Room for the Cultural Tourism in México PDF
Ricardo Tejeida, Julia Navarro, Miguel Patiño, Julian Pätiño
Enrique Orduñez, Isaias José Badillo
Improvements of the water usage in the Mexico City Metropolian Area PDF
elvira avalos

Systems Philosophy & Ethics

Science, Cybernetics and Knowing PDF
Weld Carter
Viable Urban Settlements PDF
Jon Li
From Economic to Sustainable Development - Unfolding the Concept of Law PDF
Hanne Birgitte Jensen
A Lethal Fundamental Error: How to Recognize, Reject & Replace It HTML PDF
C. A. Hilgartner
An Analysis of the System Theoretic Perspectives in the Proposals by Klir and Luhmann for the Study of Cross-Area Epistemic Communication PDF
Rafael A. Ayala-Rodríguez
Systems Tools for Institutional Transformation & Viable Urban Settlements PDF
Jon Li
Re-Constructing Culture PDF
Martha A Bartter
Mindful Knowing PDF
Kay Fielden
The Emergence of Ethical Norms in Human Systems PDF XHTML
Mark Graves

Systems-Specific Technology

Janos Korn
Consequences of Increments in Cognitive Structure for Attentional Automatization, the Experience of Boredom, and Engagement in Egocentric, Hyperdynamic, Interest-Generating Behaviors: A Developmental Psychophysiologic Approach PDF XHTML
Augustin Mateo de la Pena

Terror, Torture, Secrecy, Propaganda, Democracy, and Peace Development

Torture and Secrecy versus Democracy and Peace Development PDF
Carl Slawski
Structural Coupling in Engagement Diplomacy: Case Study on South Korea’s Engagement Coalition for Buying Peace PDF
Sung Chull Kim
D S V, Disasters, a Systemic Vision PDF
Francisco J. Aceves, Joel Audefroy, Jaime Santos

What is Life / Living

Theoretical Appraisal of Sustainability Metrics and Empirical Application to an Irish City-region to Assess Current and Future Sustainability PDF
David Anthony Browne
Information as Communication: The New Eco-Informatics Untitled Untitled
John J Kineman, K. Anil Kumar
Living in Hyperscale: Internalization as a Search for Reunification PDF
Ron Cottam, Willy Ranson, Roger Vounckx

Symposium on Economics

Triple Bottom Line: The Economic Systems Infrastructure for a Sustainable and Abundant Service Economy PDF
Art Warmoth

ISSN: 1999-6918